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Danny L


"Disco nected - Live@ ''Pure Box'' Organza

(7 January 2012)

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Style: Tech House, Deep House
File size: 233 MB
Tempo: 123 BPM
Duration: 100 minutes
Quality: 320 Kbps Master
Added on: 08 Jan. 2012
Uploader: Daniel De Roma/Danny L

Part from my live @''Pure box'' Organza the best place for you to update yourself with the last tunes from all kinds of various House music Only .
Regards to Dj K.I.K.O. who manage to keep this place Alive.
Regards to Petto for his support
Regards to Donq Daca
Regards to All My Friends Dido Yovev Mitko Sasho Dido Raichev Stanislav Kolarov
And Last but not list To my Family
To My cousin Pavel Iliev Pavlkaci who tried so hard to Arrive on time :)
To my Friend Alex Myakish
To my friendMiroslav Makaveev
One thing im sure guys this is just the begining of the discoverance of all the questions because the answer is always The Music
Short tracklist info
Artists included
Peter Horevots
Alex Arnout
Reggy van Oerslndovine
Chris Lattner
Javi Enrique
Paul Mad
David Keno
Support the artists here

During the gig i used 2 of my track edits first is
Eddie Amador ''House Music''
And The Second Is My Edit Live Miguel Campbell ''Something Special''
Thank you Guys
Cheers and lets Support Eachother
like Never Before !
Danny L - "Disco nected - Live@ ''Pure Box'' Organza(7 January 2012)   

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